See-through Aligner

See-through Aligner
We convey the honesty of clear aligner according to its name.

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The reliable, trendy, clear aligner brand


Make Aligner Clearer

Clearer: Conveys the double meaning that we clarify the properties of
clear Aligner as well as the issues regarding the orthodontic treatment
such as costs and production.

Invisible and clear confidence!
See-through Aligner

Are you hesitating about orthodontic treatment because of difficulty of care?

In addition to aesthetic issues, orthodontic treatment is the key to solving complex problems such
as with confidence in the interpersonal relationships, as well as oral health and general health.
However, some might hesitate due to the inconvenience of a long treatment period, the hassle of
care, or for aesthetic reasons.

Unlike normal bracket orthodontic treatment, See-through aligner is made of plastics
and can be made to perfectly fit the teeth, which allows easy remova,
and it also has the aesthetic advantage of being clear and nearly invisible.

Advantages of See-through Aligner


  • Aesthetics

    With its invisible clear plastic material,
    it provides aesthetics and a comfortable fit compared
    to the bracket.

  • 3D Diagnostics

    We show you a preview of the treatment results before starting the treatment
    so that you can decide whether or not to proceed.

  • Technology & Reliability

    See-through Tech Co., Ltd. is the only company,
    in Asia that can make a precise diagnosis using AI and Big data
    with applications in nearly all orthodontics cases.

Characteristics of
See-through Aligner

  • Safe and accurate orthodontics

    No.1 clear aligner, made in Korea!
    An orthodontic appliance with proven effects,
    used by prestigious university clinics and dental clinics in Korea.
    The tooth movement progresses as planned using technology that
    has overcome the limits of Aligner.

  • Hygienic and convenient orthodontics

    You can take them out during meals or important meetings,
    and orthodontic corrections can be performed even during a long-term business trip,
    studying abroad, or military service.
    Causes no chronic tooth decay,
    with comfortable tooth brushing.

  • Reasonable cost

    As a purely domestic product,
    it is the reasonable choice in terms of
    time and cost compared
    to other clear orthodontic systems.

  • Comfortable orthodontics

    Causes no discomforts such as bracket dislocation or wire pricking.
    Serves as a mouth guard when exercising.
    An orthodontic appliance that can also perform whitening at the same time,
    and can prevent tooth grinding.

With the in-house technology of See-through Tech Co., Ltd.,
the 'See-through Aligner‘ has
the advantages of being able to scientifically predict the treatment process and to undergo
several steps for the orthodontic appliance in advance, thus enabling treatment
even during a long-term business trips or language training abroad.