Hello. My name is Hong Kyung-jae, the CEO of See-through Tech Co., Ltd as well as a dentist.

Although clear aligner using thermoplastic special reinforced plastic have been used in orthodontic treatm
ent since the 20th century for aesthetics and the convenience of patients, the use was limited due to
limitations in its analog characteristics.

There is a big difference between setting up a diagnosis and actually moving the teeth using clear aligner.
There are many differences in terms of biomechanics between moving the teeth with brackets and moving
the teeth in a form that it covers the teeth with plastic material.
See-through Tech has concentrated on researching biomechanical principles using this clear orthodontic
appliance, and as a result it has enabled us to provide predictable solutions for a variety of orthodontic

However, there are still many areas to research and develop in the field of clear aligner.
See-through Tech Co., Ltd. is seeking orthodontic treatment knowledge of dentists in the orthodontics de
partment as well as the clinical help of all dentists in Korea.
We would like to offer various support regarding See-through Aligner treatments conducted for the purpose
of publishing the thesis, so please participate if you are interested.
We wish to share the benefits of the globalization of Korean companies by improving the technology through
joint research and theses.

At See-through Tech Co., Ltd., we will do our very best to provide safer and more comfortable treatment to
patients, as well as convenient, predictable, and accurate treatment results for dentists.

Thank you.