Please tell us about issues requiring attention for people who are considering orthodontic treatment.

Orthodontic treatment helps dental health as it treats abnormal dental conditions and corrects crooked teeth, offering aesthetical effects as well. If you are suffering from uneven teeth, we recommend that you positively consider orthodontic treatment. In the case of See-through Aligner orthodontics, it can be highly recommended to those considering orthodontic treatment, as it does not deform pronunciation or appearance during the treatment, and the treatment period presents minimized inconvenience.  


What about care during the treatment?

The most important thing during your orthodontic treatment is the visits to your dentist at the appointed times. 

The patient's treatment compliance is very important because the teeth will not move unless you wear the aligners. 

It is easy to take out the appliance and brush teeth with the See-through Aligner, whereas general bracket Orthodontics may cause cavities or gum disease if you do not brush your teeth rigorously​. 

Where can I get the See-through Aligner?

Only dentists who have learned the See-through Aligner system and signed a contract with See-through Tech Co., Ltd. can perform the See-through Aligner treatment.


If dental clinics and dentists who are interested in using See-through aligners could contact us via email, we will provide detailed guidance on the process of introducing See-through aligners. (info@saligner.com)

What are the differences between the See-through Aligner's orthodontic treatment and other clear aligner?

In general clear aligner, a model of the teeth is made with plaster and the teeth model is manually cut out with a saw. The tooth model is then arranged at the desired position to make clear aligners.  In handmade clear aligner, a model is made each time to produce the next aligners to be worn. It is also difficult to achieve the precise adjustment, as they arrange teeth by hand. Clear aligner can be a good choice if the patient's condition is simple, such as a case where the front teeth are slightly crooked. However, it is difficult to apply clear aligner if all of the teeth, including molars, have to be moved significantly.  


Although there are laboratories, dentists, and companies that produce digital clear aligners in a production method similar to See-through Aligners, we recommend that you check whether the results will come out properly as planned, since orthodontic analysis, production techniques, and expertise make a major difference in the results. ​ 

Can anyone receive orthodontic treatment with the See-through Aligner?

The See-through Aligner cannot be used in all cases. In a case where surgery is necessary due to skeletal issues, See-through Aligner treatment cannot replace the surgery.  Most orthodontic treatments can be done with the See-through Aligner alone, and aligners such as rubber bands or a CA Leveler can be attached as necessary.


What are the advantages of See-through clear aligner?

Since the See-through Aligner includes no process of inserting the wire or complicated aligners in the mouth and removing them, the treatment time taken when visited the dentist is not long, and the whole treatment process is not very difficult.  As the aligners are produced in multiple steps, the number of visits to the dentist can be adjusted as required. In the case of a bracket orthodontic appliance, there may be cases where an urgent visit to the dentist is required due to a bracket that came off or the gum is pricked by a protruding wire, but such phenomena are rare with the See-through Aligner.

Will the See-through Aligner still correct the teeth properly when its aligners are thin and easy to remove?

The See-through Aligner is designed to maintain a constant soft force on the teeth, and it will move crooked teeth to the planned position if you just wear it for more than 18 hours a day.


How long should I wear it?

It will be most effective if you wear it all day except for at meal times and brushing times, and you should wear it for 18 hours a day at least. 


Are there any foods that I have to avoid during the orthodontic treatment?

Unlike conventional orthodontic treatment, there is no specific food that you have to avoid.  There is no risk of coming off, since no attachment is required and no risk of teeth being corroded by the appliance. 

Will it cause any pronunciation issues?

Like other aligner, you may feel uncomfortable for the first few days of application, but your tongue will adapt to it within a few days and it will not cause problems with pronunciation.