FAQ for Doctors

In what kind of cases is the production of aligners available?

Most odotoplasty malocclusions, other than skeletal malocclusion, can be corrected. 

What materials do you need when ordering aligners?

1) Production request form

2) Oral scan files of maxillary, mandibular, and bite 

3) Patient's facial photograph (front, smile line, side) 

4) Patient's oral photographs (front, left and right side, occlusal surfaces of maxillary and mandibular)

5) Patient's x-ray photograph (cephalo, panorama)

( Files can be sent by email: caligner@naver.com )    


I would like to know how to request aligners and the shipping methods.

1)To request aligners, you can make a request by sending the files of production request form, oral scan files, facial photographs, oral photographs and x-ray photographs . 


 2)If you use the oral scanner (Trios), you can send the files after registering with the laboratory. If you cannot register with the laboratory, you can send your files in STL or DCM format. ​ 

I would like to know what kinds of products are used when producing the appliance.

EU CE Mark and KDA-approved special reinforced plastic is used. ​

How many aligners will be provided for each request?

1) If there is no specific order, aligners are made for every three steps. After step 3, please redo the modeling procedure and request the next aligners with the attachments of the model and the request form.  


2) If you want to receive the aligners without the need to redo the modeling, please send the request form by fax or email, and call us to complete the request. (If stripping has been conducted, it is better to redo the modeling when ordering the next aligners if there have been numerous rotations) 

3) Patients not able to visit due to travelling abroad or military service can receive aligners of over 3 steps via separate order.  

4) For simple cases, it is possible to produce the complete aligners from beginning to end.
How do I apply the aligners?

​ Clear aligners are provided two per arch for one step (soft, hard). 

You can wear the soft one for 1 week and the hard one for 2 weeks. 

The recommended application time is 18 to 22 hours.​ 

Who will give diagnosis and perform the setup for me?

Based on the diagnosis and analysis of the orthodontist, the setup will be performed by skilled dental technicians.

What is the expected number of steps until completion?

The number of steps expected is based on the amount of movement and the amount of rotation of the tooth. 

  For example, 1 to 8 steps are expected in the case of bracket-debonding or recurrence after orthodontic treatment or slight space closing; 

  about 8 to 15 steps for a minor case where the amount of tooth movement is relatively small; 

  and around 15 steps or more will be required if you have significant tooth movement and rotations. 

  (Estimated steps are not absolute values, but can be lengthened or shortened depending on the patient's treatment compliance and progress.)​ 

Can banners and materials be provided to promote the treatment to my patients?

We will send you information guides (leaflets) for patients at no cost if you make the request by email.